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What To Say To Your Young Children And Advice For Teenagers (Kate Bush and Nandos Included)

Jade was mesmerised and terrified by the size of Paul's nose.

When I found out I was going to be a daddy for the first time I was immediately struck by a myriad of emotions including excitement, exalted joy and blind panic. Most of all though it was pressure. Not little baby pressure but big, squeezing monster pressure, the kind you’re subject to being a mile down at the bottom of… Read more »

Tangerines, Pencils and an Evel Knievel Jump Set (SPOILER ALERT, OVER 25’s ONLY)

All Time Special Present #1

Christmas can be a very special and truly magical time, particularly for children. I have vivid memories when I was 7 of making mince pies for Father Christmas (along with my brother and cousin who lived with us) and leaving them at the end of the beds along with carrots and water for his reindeer. We were ridiculously excited when… Read more »

Shaking Hands, Small Talk And Other Social Horrors

I can be a very social person, particularly with people I know well and if you asked most people  that know me I’m sure they’d say the same. However, on the whole I’m really not that comfortable in social situations. I’m ok with this and in a perverse way actually quite enjoy it. I don’t walk into rooms with sweaty… Read more »

All of our Underwear is Missing.

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Earlier this year Rachel went on holiday leaving me in charge of the house and the girls. I thought it would be a good idea to redecorate and install new radiators and carpets at the same time. What could possibly go wrong………..? Below are my Facebook posts chronicling the 12 days she was away. 30th March So Rach has gone… Read more »