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He Used To Be A Shy Boy (Not The Bananarama One)

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Sorry, Can't Think Of A Funny Banana Based Caption For This.

SHY, three seemingly innocuous letters that together can become very powerful with the ability to hold you back and stop you growing into a strong, confident person. I’m speaking from personal experience here as in various stages in my life this has been me. I talked in another post about Jade and people’s, (normally strangers) reactions to her not being… Read more »

The Day It All Went Pear Shaped…..Almost.

Losing a Grand Slam final is nothing compared to the day I've had Andy.

  I like to think that I’m exceptionally well organised and run the Mr Banana Head business in a professional and effective way. Recently however, I experienced the perfect storm of bad luck, freaky / bizarre occurrences and a severe case of spatial awareness that would have brought most people to tears. Actually, what am I saying, I did have… Read more »

Lessons Learnt The Hard Way (Who Wants A Balloon, Arrgghh!!)

And So The Balloon Model Apocalypse Begun.

In the last instalment of Lessons Learnt The Hard Way I realised that in some situations a microphone was probably a good idea and in some it was a necessity. Sadly, three months later I hadn’t taken the hint and worse was about to happen. I took an enquiry for an end of Eid party which was taking place in… Read more »

Lessons Learnt The Hard Way Part Two (No Pints Of Beer Please)

In one of my earlier posts; Lessons Learnt The Hard Way, I talked about how when I started out, I wanted to develop my own unique style and not read up on anything to do with children’s entertaining. That way, everything I did would have come from me. I wouldn’t be tempted to become a near clone of someone else…. Read more »

Lessons Learnt The Hard Way (“I had you at hello.”)

Valuable Lessons To Save Your Party I remember working at a lifestyle convention about a year before becoming Mr Banana Head. There was a stand offering you a chance to become a children’s entertainer for a mere £6,000. They gave you the script for the show, marketing help and a few tricks amongst other things. I knew then that if… Read more »