The Struggles of Being Daddy

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May The Face Pulling Days Never Stop

Ok, I’m going to put this out there and make a confession, at times I really struggle being a dad. Right now is a particularly difficult time and I’ll explain why shortly. To fully understand my feelings around this would probably take years of therapy so instead I’ll share my deepest feelings and fears with you now. Hopefully it will… Read more »

Festival Fun and Frolics (Where’s Kylie Minogue?)

Just look into the camera children, don't stare at drunk mummy.

Friday was the first day of the inaugural Meraki Festival. Three days of music, massages, cinema, beaches and an enchanted forest, what’s not to love? It’s all happening in Redbourn, Herts and as soon as I read Belinda Carlisle was playing I knew I was booking. I was and still am a bit of a fan. The full Friday night… Read more »

The Good and the Bad Part 2 (It’s A Slime Jamboree)

Team Ellie Smashes Pretty Mudder

So in my last post I confessed past sins from my youth involving being selfish and thoughtless. I know, who would have thought I’d be like that? With this in mind there was a possibility that my girls would end up the same. Happily, I can say that hasn’t been the case and I’m proud to say they’re (mostly) thoughtful… Read more »

The Good And The Bad Part One (When Flying Bras Go Wrong)

Little Did Ivor Know How He Almost Ruined My Life

I’m going to be honest and this might come as a bit of a shock. I wasn’t always the thoughtful, kind, selfless person person I am (occasionally) now. When I was a young nipper back in the late 70’s I used to be a bit selfish, thoughtless and was only concerned about getting money to buy more Panini football stickers… Read more »

Family Festival Fun (Dancing Like It’s 1986).

The Song That Ruled My World, Until I Discovered Kate.

Last weekend was the M Festival, a one day music and family extravaganza held at Marlborough School in St Albans. Few things can make me happy, sad and reflective at the same time but this did. Have a seat and I’ll explain how. When I was a teenager my parents definitely weren’t into current pop music. They had their LP… Read more »

The Day It All Went Pear Shaped…..Almost.

Losing a Grand Slam final is nothing compared to the day I've had Andy.

  I like to think that I’m exceptionally well organised and run the Mr Banana Head business in a professional and effective way. Recently however, I experienced the perfect storm of bad luck, freaky / bizarre occurrences and a severe case of spatial awareness that would have brought most people to tears. Actually, what am I saying, I did have… Read more »

From Toddler to Teenager Part One (A Tale of Pizza, Projectile Vomiting and Josie Jump).

Cup of water in the face, funniest thing in the world.

Last week Jade, (Little Miss Banana Head One) turned 13 and I’m not quite sure how it happened. It seems like yesterday that she cutely uttered her first word, “Pizza.” Currently her favourite things to say are, “Have you seen my phone,” “You’re so mean”, and “Jamie Dornan is so fit.” It’s terrifying, particularly the last one as it’s confirmation… Read more »

What To Say To Your Young Children And Advice For Teenagers (Kate Bush and Nandos Included)

Jade was mesmerised and terrified by the size of Paul's nose.

When I found out I was going to be a daddy for the first time I was immediately struck by a myriad of emotions including excitement, exalted joy and blind panic. Most of all though it was pressure. Not little baby pressure but big, squeezing monster pressure, the kind you’re subject to being a mile down at the bottom of… Read more »